Sharepoint Upgrade for Businesses

A Sharepoint Upgrade can be a bit overwhelming. Even if you are familiar with Microsoft SharePoint, you may find SharePoint security or any other piece of the puzzle a bit daunting.

Upgrading to SharePoint 2013 helps you take full advantage of all the features the product has to offer. We are here to help provide the end-to-end development and upgrade support that your business needs to succeed.

If you are looking to upgrade to the newer version of Microsoft Sharepoint, our Sharepoint consulting staff will make sure that the upgrade goes smoothly and professionally. With direct support available 24/7, we’ll be there to answer any questions or concerns you may have when navigating your new Web application.

Sharepoint Consulting and On-Site Sessions

Our Sharepoint Consulting team provide on-site training sessions, leading to an interactive learning process for all of your employees.

By teaching Microsoft Sharepoint, we believe that it can help inspire creative momentum around your project, providing a high level of product knowledge for your company to grow on. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about Microsoft’s SharePoint application, helping you become a Sharepoint expert in no time at all.

Beginning with Sharepoint implementation, we quickly install the application, develop it to suit your company, and train your employees on how to successfully navigate the software. Perfect for any large-scale operation, a Sharepoint upgrade will help you become more analytical, adept, and driven.

Speak to one of our Sharepoint consultants and learn more about our Sharepoint services today!

Latest Projects - some examples of our latest work…

Managerial Reporting Dashboards

One of the highest demands we have seen is the need to analyze information in a rapid manner. This particular client needed to assess internal operations real time and provide recommendations on how to better improve efficiency. We delivered 14 dashboards that aggregated data from multiple sources to provide a holistic view of their processes. The client was especially pleased to be able to recalculate metrics using multiple accounting methods with a click of a button. Built Using: PerformancePoint, Visio Graphics & Business Connectivity Services
SharePoint Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management

Over the years, many companies have accumulated numerous electronic file storage locations ranging from company laptops to enterprise servers. We were able to reduce the IT storage costs at one client by 42% by consolidating various storage locations into a centralized SharePoint solution. Additionally, the information architecture we created streamlined the overall search process leading to additional operational efficiencies and a higher return on investment. Built Using: Managed Metadata, Content Types & Remote Blob Storage
SharePoint Social Media

Internal Social Media Spotlight

No matter where you look on the internet, most companies are increasing their online presence and communications. For this project, we managed to create a unified company presence across 17 global locations by developing a social media hub. This hub allows employees to communicate more freely with each other using blogs, discussion boards, real-time employee chat and much more. As a result, there has been a significant reduction in email traffic and a sense of company pride. Built Using: My Sites, Office Communicator & User Profiles
SharePoint Online Cloud Computing

Moving to the Cloud

Companies are rapidly learning the value of cloud computing instead of physical servers. By planning out a consolidated server architecture, we brought an annual savings of ~$55,000 to our client by eliminating dedicated internal servers and the it costs associated with maintenance and upkeep. On top of the cost savings, the information delivery speed has increased, there is plenty of scalability for future growth and overall security measures have been brought up to audit standards. Built Using: Office 365, Content Migration Technologies